National Projects Company LLC

About us


National Projects Company LLC is specialized in repair & maintenance works for Equipment & Structures and trading in various products relating to the Desalination, Water supply and Waste Water industries as well as the construction market. The primary goal is service and our intention is to offer clients use of our specialized know how as well as our offer of integrated solutions for the “repair not replace” market specializing in corrosion prevention, refurbishing of different type of equipment and structures.

National Projects Company LLC has extensive experience as a joint venture partner, distributor, agencies and representations of various Asian, American and European brands. We presently represent ENECON of the USA which provides practical and economical solutions to the entire spectrum of the market. Our core competency is to deliver end to end solutions which we deliver through professional management to focus on the things that matter the most.


Unwavering clients’ centric focus, emphasis on a zero tolerance policy to ensure perfection the first time, every time.
To be respected as an ethical and sustainable company acknowledged and preferred as the leading provider of innovative and preferred solutions.


To provide our customers with total and innovative product solutions based on quality and a competitive price
To provide our customers with solutions that can extend and increase the efficiency of their products thereby enabling them to repair and reuse at a fraction of the cost of a new replacement.
To maintain and value relationships with our customers which is a critically important part of our business and which is built upon mutual respect, courtesy and conduct ourselves with utmost integrity, honesty with emphasis on quality.
Our work is done in an environmentally sensitive manner with the safety and health of our employees being critically important. We encourage each employee with their respective talents, to be a part of the preferred team with focus on additional training to make it a more productive workplace. Employees are encouraged to think out of the box for new and innovative ways to improve the quality for our customers